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Throughout the course, we cover various data structures and algorithms conceptually as well as practically with actual Java code and assignments for you to complete along the way. At various stages in lectures, I ask students to pause the video and complete a coding assignment. Once the student is done with the assignment, they can resume the lecture to watch my step by step solution video. Please don't just copy my code. When I ask you to pause the video and complete an assignment, I expect you to take the time and finish it on your own before watching my solution. When you work on an assignment on your own, you'll struggle and it might even be painful as you exercise those brain muscles. But trust me, that is the fastest way to learn anything new. And it will make all the difference! I keep the course interactive as I type all the code line by line with explanations during each solution video, so you don't really need a copy of my workspace (except for a few cases in merge sort and heaps assignment) but the workspace download link is below. Again, I want you to write the code! Don't just resume the lecture to watch me code up the solution! This is not a popcorn course. :-)


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