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Up and Running with Tableau

Learn data visualization through Tableau 10 and become a job ready Tableau developer

Learn data visualization through Tableau 10 and master the art of turning data into critical information for key decision making. Learn how you can discover data patterns such as customer purchase behavior, pricing and sales trends as well as customer demographics and geolocation analysis.

You'll learn all of the features you need to master to become a highly paid Tableau developer.


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Imtiaz Ahmad
Imtiaz Ahmad

I'm a passionate software consultant and programmer of enterprise software architectures. I've spent a considerable amount of time building financial software on Wall St. and worked for companies like S&P, Goldman Sachs, JPMorgan, AOL along with helping various startups solve mission critical software problems. In my 13 years of experience, I've developed massive enterprise level software using programming languages like Java, C++, Python, PL/SQL and Ruby. I've learned many lessons along the way, and I hope to share this knowledge with aspiring software developers. I've always had a passion for teaching in seminars and corporations during my consulting projects. Job Ready Programmer gives me the opportunity to share my knowledge with students of all backgrounds and experiences across the globe! I'm really excited for this opportunity to bring to you real-world practical experience! Join my initiative and we'll work together to bring out the best programmer in you!

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