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Up and Running with Tableau

Learn data visualization through Tableau 10 and become a job ready Tableau developer

Learn data visualization through Tableau 10 and master the art of turning data into critical information for key decision making. Learn how you can discover data patterns such as customer purchase behavior, pricing and sales trends as well as customer demographics and geolocation analysis.

You'll learn all of the features you need to master to become a highly paid Tableau developer.

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Waqar Ahmad
Waqar Ahmad

Professionally, I’m a Data Scientist consultant specializing in BI, Analytics & Enterprise Architecture with 6 years of consulting experience focusing on some of the largest industries stretching from retail, finance, Healthcare & Pharma to name a few! I have also been blessed to have the opportunity to lend a hand in helping along some of the top fortune 100 companies in solving challenging business problems by leveraging my knowledge in Big Data and Analytics to drive strategy and growth, as well as using insights through Data Visualization to gain buy-in for process improvement across the organizations that I’ve consulted for. Through my many years of experience, I’ve spent enough time learning to know simply... well what works and what doesn’t. This is also the approach I try to drive into my teaching strategies when teaching students what I know. This is also why I believe you’re in great hands when It comes to learning new technologies focused in the Big Data and Analytics spaces! That being said, I’m absolutely ecstatic that you’ve decided to join me on your journey in gaining knowledge in the Data Science space, Can’t wait for you to join us!

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